Comprensión de sus derechos: exámenes de sobriedad

By | December 14th, 2016|DUI|

Uno de los mayores remordimientos que comúnmente vemos en nuestros casos de DUI (El manejo bajo los efectos del alcohol) en Cansino Blanchette Law Firm es nuestros clientes no comprendiendo  exactamente lo que está sucediendo cuando son parados por un oficial de policía. Sabemos que el proceso entero puede ser aterrador e intimidante, pero usted tiene derechos que pueden ayudarle a ganar su caso DUI. La buena noticia sobre  paradas de DUI es que son en su mayoría predecibles en el patrón y la forma en que se manejarán. Con esto en mente, esperamos explicar mejor algunos de los pasos y [...]

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By | October 20th, 2016|Divorce Law|

In Georgia, there is no such thing as “legal separation.” The only way to be legally divorced from your spouse is to file a complaint for divorce, pursuant to Georgia legal procedures, and receive a “Final Decree of Divorce” from a court of competent jurisdiction. Without this order from the Court, you are still considered legally married to your spouse, and you are prohibited from re-marrying, and may face serious consequences if you engage in a relationship with someone other than your spouse prior to divorce. It is very important to have a qualified attorney help you to fully understand [...]

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By | September 14th, 2016|Advice|

Does your small business need help collecting outstanding debts or invoices?  In many cases, a delinquent account can be collected by having an attorney send what is called a “demand letter,” wherein the attorney or firm instructs the debtor that they must pay the amounts owed or other remedies will be pursued, up to and including legal action against that person or company for failure to pay.  When a debtor continues to refuse to pay you what is owed, a collection attorney can help you to pursue legal action against that individual or business.  Once you have a judgment against [...]


How to apply for a USCIS Application for Fiance Visa

By | May 10th, 2016|Family Law, Immigration Law, Licenses/ Permits| Attorney Crystal Cortez with the Cansino Blanchette Law Firm, discusses the process for obtaining a Fiance Visa. This video provides information for U.S. citizens wishing to bring a foreign national fiancé living abroad to the United States to marry. Crystal is an attorney in Northwest Georgia with offices located in Cartersville, Ga and Kennesaw, Ga. She specializes in immigration. If you have further questions regarding fiancé visas, or any other type of immigration issue, please feel free to schedule your consultation. We have offices conveniently located in Bartow and Cobb County. Call us at (404) 997-8470.

Georgia Legitimation – Establishing a Father’s Rights

By | May 4th, 2016|Advice, Child Legitimation, Family Law|

Let’s say a child is born and the parents were either not married when the child was conceived, or were not married when the child was born, or have not married since the child was born. In that scenario, the child is "born out of wedlock". When this is the case, the father will need to commence what is known as the legitimation process in order to establish parental rights to the child. The father can also seek to prove that he is the biological father to a child he believes to be his child. A child born out of [...]

Georgia Child Support – How to Calculate Child Support or Modify Child Support

By | April 29th, 2016|News| Attorney Minerva Blanchette with the Cansino Blanchette Law Firm advises on how to calculate how much child support someone should pay or receive in Georgia. She also further discusses how one can seek a modification of child support if there is presently a child support order in effect. Cansino Blanchette Law Firm aggressively fights for their clients and serves the Northwest Georgia including Cobb, Bartow, Paulding, Cherokee, Gordon, and Fulton County. We have offices located in Kennesaw and Cartersville, Georgia. Call us to schedule a consult today. 404-997-8470    

Georgia Probate Law – What do I do if I only have a copy of a Will and can’t find the original Will?

By | April 29th, 2016|FAQs, Probate Law|

The passing of a family member is tragic, leaving many of us are focused on taking care of funeral arrangements, informing family members and friends, and going through all the necessary documents and tasks to resolve any issues with creditors and the estate of the deceased. Being the executor of an estate can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, especially when coupled with dealing with the emotions that come from the person's passing. Let’s start with a not so commonly known fact: Under Georgia probate law, a person in possession of an original Will has a duty to file the Will [...]

The Facts about Marijuana Charges in Georgia

By | April 22nd, 2016|Advice, Criminal Law, Marijuana Charges|

Possession of marijuana in Georgia remains illegal despite recent legislation regarding medicinal marijuana. Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor offense. However, marijuana charges can be much more serious. Such examples would be Possession of More than One Ounce, Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute, Sale of Marijuana, or Manufacturing/Growing Marijuana, all of which are felony charges. Penalties Possession of Marijuana less than one ounce is considered a misdemeanor and can be punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and 12 months in jail. Further, judges typically impose extra penalties. Some common [...]

Understanding Your Rights: Field Sobriety Test

By | April 7th, 2016|Advice, Criminal Law, DUI|

One of the biggest regrets that we commonly see in our DUI cases here at Cansino Blanchette Law Firm is our clients not understanding what exactly is happening when they are pulled over by a police officer. We know that the whole process can be scary and intimidating, but you DO have rights that can help you win your DUI case! The good news about DUI stops is that they are mostly predictable in the pattern and manner in which they will be handled! With that in mind, we hope to better explain some of the steps and choices that [...]

Questions on Uncontested and Contested Divorce

By | April 6th, 2016|Advice, Divorce Law| Learn how contested divorce and uncontested divorce differ. When should you file for contested divorce or uncontested divorce? Attorney Crystal Cortez with the Cansino Blanchette Law Firm answers these frequently asked questions to help you decide which route you should take. The Cansino Blanchette Law Firm has locations in both Kennesaw, Georgia and Cartersville, Georgia. Please call 404-997-8470 for questions and consultation appointments!